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Sci-fi challenge
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Hey, ya'll probably recognize me from the SGA and Jeremiah fandoms, its me Llewellynprince. Anyway, I wanted to create a community cause I just got the sci-fi channel(finally) and wanted to issue some challenges and such.

There are some rules though.

For now the only fandoms allowed are:
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis

if you want another one added e-mail me your suggestion

K, fics, pics, fanart, vids anything basically is allowed, all large images and long fics should be behind a LJ cut adn spoilers should have warnings. If you steal someone elses work there will be hell to pay, but your all so nice that I doubt it will happen.

For fics I'd prefer if you'd do a subject line or at least put the title, rating, fandom, and pairing at the begining of the post, but you don't have to.

these are some of the pairings allowed:
beckett/mckay, beckett/zelenka, beckett/sheppard, beckett/cadman, carson/laura, beckett/ford, beckett/bates, beckett/weir, beckett/ford, beckett/ronon, beckett/dex, sheppard/beckett/mckay, cameron/teal'c, cameron/hank, cameron/sam, cameron/vala, cameron/landry, cameron/daniel, mitchell/jackson, cameron/jack, mitchell/o'neill, cameron/daniel/jack, daniel/cameron, daniel/paul, daniel/teal'c, daniel/jack, daniel/sam, daniel/hammond, daniel/landry, daniel/hank, jackson/o'neill, daniel/vala, cameron/daniel, bates/ford, bates/kavanagh, bates/kavanaugh, jack/sam, jack/cameron, jack/daniel, jack/teal'c, mckay/zelenka, sam/janet, sam/daniel, sam/jack, sam/cameron, sam/teal'c, ford/mckay, lorne/parish, lorne/sheppard, lorne/beckett, lorne/mckay, sheppard/ford/mckay, mckay/zelenka, mckay/kavanagh, mckay/simpson, mckay/miko, stackhouse/markham, stackham, sheppard/ford, sheppard/mckay, sheppard/ronon, sheppard/weir, john/elizabeth, sheppard/teyla, sheppard/caldwell, sheppard/sumner, dex/sheppard, dex/zelenka, dex/beckett, dex/ford, dex/weir, dex/caldwell, teyla/weir, teyla/heightmeyer, heightmeyer/weir, teyla/sora, hank/vala, caldweir, caldwell/weir, weir/caldwell, mcshep, mckay/sheppard, sheppard/mckay, jeremiah/markus, kudry/smith, markus/theo, jeremiah/theo, kurdy/theo

Anything is allowed, gen, het, slash, any rating, any kink or whatever as long as it doesn't insult someone or is meant to intentionally harm someone, if you do I'll kick your butt off.

Your welcome to post thoughts or to suggest fics.

The main purpose of this community is too:
Post fics, vids, fanart, pics, or anyhting like that.
So that I can issue challenges to people, I might even concider some sort of contest as long as people taking it for fun the way it was meant.
For people to express their creativity.
But basically so I can issue challenges ;)

If you have any problems with anyone else in the community please tell me before you do anything.

And have fun!

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